About Us

Welcome to Beautify Cosmetics
Meet our Founder, Latrice Thomas

Hi, I'm Latrice Thomas, the founder of Beautify Cosmetics. For over 15 years, I've been crafting my own skincare solutions. My journey began out of necessity—I've always had sensitive skin, prone to breakouts when using mainstream products. As I aged, I realized the importance of tailored skincare; generic options no longer worked for me.

In my mid-twenties, I delved into formulating natural skincare remedies. Since then, I've embraced all-natural, handmade products exclusively. The results have been transformative—I said goodbye to breakouts and dryness.

My passion for skincare led me to create Beautify Cosmetics in 2021. I wanted to extend my solutions to others facing similar challenges. Our mission is simple: to offer natural alternatives for those with sensitive skin or anyone seeking gentler skincare options.

At Beautify Cosmetics, we advocate for the benefits of non-toxic skincare. It's not just about healthier skin; it's about nurturing both body and mind. 


Latrice Thomas