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Detoxifying and Refreshing Charocoal Mask

Detoxifying and Refreshing Charocoal Mask

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Formulated with Xanthan Gum and Stearic Acid, our mask glides smoothly on your skin, delivering a spa-like experience at home. The Emulsifying Wax Oliven 1000 ensures a creamy texture that makes application effortless.

Enriched with nourishing oils like Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Macadamia Oil, this mask replenishes moisture and promotes a healthy glow. Kaolin Clay and Activated Charcoal work together to draw out toxins and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and balanced.

We've also included Colloidal Oats for gentle exfoliation and soothing benefits. Infused with Vitamin C, Tumeric Powder, Calendula Extract, and Green Tea Extract, our mask brightens your complexion and reduces the appearance of blemishes.

To top it off, Vitamin E and a Natural Preservative ensure long-lasting freshness. At the same time, Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oil provide a calming and relaxing aroma, making each use a pampering treat for your senses.

Net Wt: 2oz/56.7gr


Aloe Vera Juice
Sodium Phytate
Xanthan Gum
Stearic Acid
Oliven 1000(Emulsifying Wax)
Coconut Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Macadamia Oil
Kaolin Clay
Activated Charcoal
Colloidal Oats
Vitamin C
Tumeric Powder
Calendula Extract
Green Tea Extract
Vitamin E
Natural Preservative
Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oil

Directions: Apply a thin coat over the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do not leave the mask on for longer than 20 minutes. This mask was formulated with Glycerin to keep the skin from drying during treatment, so it will not completely dry on the skin.

Descriptions and information are for informational purposes and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. Testing a small amount of all oil on the skin for any reaction is best.

This product is made with the best of natural ingredients and fragranced with essential oils.

I ship all orders within three business days.

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