About Us

Welcome to Beautify Cosmetics
Meet our Founder, Latrice Thomas

Hi, my name is Latrice Thomas, the founder of Beautify Cosmetics. I have been making my own skincare products for 15 years now. I have always had sensitive skin and would always break out when using store bought products and as the years went by and the older I got I realized that I could no longer use just any product on my skin. I started learning how to formulate my own skin care products in my mid twenties and have been using all natural handmade products ever since. I no longer suffer from breakouts and dry skin.  

I wanted to share my products with other people who may suffer from the same problems I had and so I founded my company Beautify Cosmetics in 2021. My hope is to help put more natural and chemical free products on the market for people with sensitive skin or just people in general who do not want to use products with harsh chemicals. I want to share with people the benefits of using non-toxic products on the skin, it  benefits the body and mind.

Beautify Cosmetics is an all-natural and vegan skincare company located in Moreno Valley California. Our Mission is to provide our customers with all-natural skincare products made with the best of natural ingredients.  


Latrice Thomas